Safety Management System - Avoid Workplace Injury

Getting an injured employee to return to work is stressful. Without a safety management system, you’ll be left dumbstruck trying to figure out how exactly to handle workplace injuries. 

Your employee’s rehabilitation relies on positive attitudes, supportive co-working relationships, as well as active collaboration between employers, workers, and medical practitioners. Most importantly, your workers are dependent on a safety management system (SMS) that only you can provide.

At Light Duty Pathway®, we take the guesswork out of injury management with our proven modified duty solution lightening the load for employers. We can help you for FREE today with bi-weekly safety training topics!

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What Is Workplace Injury Management?

Workplace Injury Management is two-fold; it is a system that offers employers a structured return-to-work program while also providing attention and care to injured employees. This is essential for supporting workers who were injured and filed a workers’ compensation claim. Best practices will help the injured associate find a regular routine within the team. Just because your employee filed a claim does not mean you and the employee are at a complete loss. With the right approach, you can cut the costs of workers’ compensation by providing a pathway to staying in the workplace.


Light Duty Pathway’s safety management system helps employers easily focus on supporting their greatest asset: people. Furthermore, our safety program smoothly and efficiently creates a comfortable transition for both you and your injured employee.

What Is A Workplace Injury?

A workplace injury is defined by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) as a work-related event or exposure in the work environment. Causing either an injury or contributes to a pre-existing injury or illness through significant aggravation.

Injured Knee From Sprain, Strain, or Tear

How To Reduce Injuries And Accidents

A Safety Management System Is Critical.

Have you ever imagined or worried that when you head out for work in the morning, you or your loved one won’t be returning home? Or maybe you’ve experienced the fear of getting a call in the middle of the day or night that they are in the hospital due to being injured on the job? Talk about goosebumps. No one should ever have to go through this, that’s why your commitment to safety and minimizing work-related injuries is necessary.


Workplace safety is necessary for every employee no matter their industry because everyone deserves to work in a safe and protected environment. Light Duty Pathway’s safety training and management programs promote the wellbeing of your team. What a tremendous priviledge to take corrective actions and look out for the safety of your people.

Employee with broken arm being helped by a safety management system

Manage Work Health And Safety Risks

In order to control workplace hazards and minimize the risk of personal injury, follow these steps:


Identify the hazard by carrying out a workplace risk assessment.



Determine how employees safety may be in jeopardy.


Evaluate the risk of a workplace accident.



Record and review hazards annually at the minimum. The best practice is to follow industry standards for avoiding OSHA violations and workers’ comp.

Boss reviewing the cost of a safety management system

The Cost Of A Safety Manager 


Safety Management Software

Depending upon experience, hiring an onsite Safety Manager can cost upwards of $40,000-$80,000 a year depending upon experience. Employing the use of Light Duty Pathway safety management software for employees to engage with is as little as $45 per month!


Save even more when you pay for an annual membership.

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It can be difficult to know where to start. You may be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of health and safety training required for all your hired employees. With your permission, Light Duty Pathway® can and will help. Sign up today for FREE access to our Safety Toolbox Talks and create a safer work environment for you and your employees today!