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A Safety Program With Online Safety Training Courses.

Your workers are the most valuable asset to your business. With that said, how can you effectively protect and attract talented employees? The simplest solution is to create a health and safety program for the wellbeing of your entire staff.

That means educating your team with regular toolbox talks that meet OSHA standards. You have the ability and opportunity to help instill the importance of safe work habits around workplace hazards. With the mountain high stack of responsibilities on your plate, it wouldn’t be a surprise that you’re crunched on time to put together worthwhile safety presentations.

What about an all-important return-to-work program? To clarify, incorporating this into your workplace safety and health plan allows employees to stay in the workplace while recovering from an injury. Light Duty Pathway® helps you easily implement online training education, so your team will return to work faster and easier than before.

Employers that implement health and safety practices with a safety management system reap the benefits of fewer workplace injuries. That sounds great, but what does that really mean for you? Less injuries in the workplace equates to a less likely scenario of an OSHA violation, less turnover of employees, reduced workers’ compensation, and less stress for you!

Workplace Safety Program Benefits.

What difference will a safety program with online safety training courses make for you? Firstly, it helps prevent ongoing workplace injuries and illnesses. Secondly, you’ll have the opportunity for an increase in productivity, amplifying overall business operations due to a decrease in employee turnover. Thirdly, and most importantly, because of a significant reduction in workers' compensation premiums as well as other often forgotten hidden costs, Light Duty Pathway’s safety solution has the potential to cut overall business costs.

To conclude, if you’re looking to invest in the safety of your employees and improve your compliance with OSHA standards, Light Duty Pathway® is the right solution.

The Five P's.

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Problems

As you are aware of by now, Light Duty Pathway® has Online Safety Training Courses that can help you prepare your employees and mitigate the potential of workplace injuries or illness. While the pathway has been laid before you, it’s your decision to take the first step in making a big difference for your entire organization.

The suffering and financial hardship for injured workers, their families, and you are taxing. Thankfully, Light Duty Pathway built a program with you in mind to help prevent such problems. Traditional approaches to workplace incidents are often reactive; problems are addressed only after a worker is injured or becomes sick, a new standard or regulation is published, or an outside inspection discovers a problem that requires immediate attention.

Our effective health and safety program helps you recognize and fix safety hazards reducing the risk of injury or illness. In addition, Light Duty Pathway includes safety training requirements that could help avoid unsuspecting injuries in the workplace.

"Our effective health and safety program helps you recognize and fix safety hazards reducing the risk of injury or illness."

What Does A Safety Program Look Like?

Safety and health programs reduce the risk of accidents and offer clear guidelines to make work environments safer. At the core of every effective safety program is a system to identify specific hazards with OSHA training and secure your workplace for general industry standards. Check out OSHA's new recommended practices!

A constructive occupational safety and health (OHS) program includes the following elements:

Management commitment and employee involvement

Worksite analysis

Prevent and control hazards

Safety and health training

Back To The Basics


To craft an essential health and safety program, it helps to get back to the basics and identify simple goals to focus on. After that, you should grow your program from this new, foundational starting point.

This can feel a little overwhelming at first, but don’t worry, Light Duty Pathway has got your back! Our light-duty work solution has your business safety training covered top to bottom. We’ll help you focus on achieving goals, monitoring performance, and evaluating successful outcomes. In the meantime, LDP will take your company to a new standard of safety and health achievement.


Every health and safety program is different, but there are always a few key common elements. We’d recommend taking the easy and efficient path that Light Duty Pathway already has in place, but for your convenience, here’s how you can develop a successful program yourself:

Create a health and safety policy

Conduct regular inspections

Develop written safe work procedures

Onboard new employees with clear instruction

Educate and train your employees regularly

Hold frequent health and safety meetings

Report and investigate incidents

Maintain records and statistics

Keep your program current

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When people feel taken care of because safety is made a top priority safe, a true difference in your business can be felt. That’s where LDP comes in.


Online Health and Safety Training Courses are an easy way to keep employees engaged, aware, and protected. Light Duty Pathway supplies a range of safety training topics to employ for mandated safety meetings. Paired with interactive eLearning activities, with topics ranging from work, home, and environmental safety, an online health and safety training course can elevate awareness to an employee’s personal health and well-being. 


When focusing on people, and investing in opportunities to further develop your employees, a health and safety program is a sure way to support the health and growth of your business.

Take care of you and your employees by staying on the pathway.

Light Duty Pathway's light-duty solution is here to help you keep your employees engaged even when conditions are not ideal.