TAHC&H Light Duty Pathway

We’ve partnered to help you lower Workers’ Compensation costs

Your Concerns Are Our Concerns

Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice is always on the lookout for ways to  help our members save money.  We also recognize that Workers’ Compensation costs are a major issue for businesses just like yours.  We are proud to provide access to Light Duty Pathway to eliminate time loss claims and lower Workers’ Compensation rates.

Only $99/user

Dealing With Workers' Compensation Claims

Time loss claims and rate increases don't have to be part of the cost of doing business.

Time loss claims can be eliminated by providing a light duty work alternative.

A light duty job benefits both the injured worker and the employer financially.

Communication is maintained and return to work is typically faster and easier.

Benefits of Light Duty Using LDP

Achieve Cost Savings

Avoiding time loss from work prevents decreased production and revenue caused by the absence of employees. Additionally, avoiding time loss prevents increases in workers’ compensation costs for all employees of a company.

Maintain Situational Control

“Light duty" work maintains communication between an injured worker and their supervisor. Built-in accountability measures, including daily time stamped reports showing program progress, ensure employee responsibility.

Preserve Employee Engagement

Using LDP keeps injured employees active within the workplace; providing a sense of job security and value. It facilitates employee involvement; avoiding the negative and costly side effects that stem from not working.




Organized into 8-hour days consisting of videos, quizzes, games, and interactive activities, once an employee account is set up, they are led through the content.


Create and manage users and view progress reports from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

A Product With A Purpose

“Light duty” work alternatives are already encouraged through Return to Work programs and claim free discounts.  Light Duty Pathway puts “light duty” right at your fingertips.  LDP was developed over the course of 4 years and under the professional consultation of Workers’ Compensation experts.  If you’re serious about lowering your Workers’ Compensation costs, you’ll want to take advantage of this unique and revolutionary platform.