The training and safety materials brought to you by nLyten, are based upon the rules and requirements established by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (www.lni.wa.gov) at the time of production, which meet and/or exceed the OSHA standard.  The requirements may have changed since the production of any particular material.  It should be noted that some state plans and regulations may be stricter with regard to safety and health than those of Washington State.  It is User’s obligation to check with their local state agency for specific rules and regulations and to visit www.osha.gov for Federal requirements.

In these videos we will review some actual workplace injuries and fatalities incurred by third party employees.  We mean no disrespect these unfortunate individuals, but we feel that sharing their stories just might help someone understand that these rules and guidelines are in place for a reason.  Just because a particular kind of injury or fatality has not occurred at your workplace does not mean that it never will.

The certificate of completion earned by completing training days at LightDutyPathway.com indicates only that the User has completed the day’s worth of training. Completion of any Light Duty Pathway safety training does not certify users for any specific task in any field or industry. These are informational training aids only and are NOT official or licensed training/certification programs that may be required for certain jobs.