Platform Status

Manually Updated

Employer Console: Operational
Employer Console2: Operational
Training Site: Operational
Email Notifications: Operational

Video Player 1: Operational
Video Player 2: Operational
Activities: Operational

Known Issues

Manually Updated

Employer Console

  • Send Password Reset (to employee) does not work
  • Users not showing up even when not hidden - Use ( Show All) button to fix
  • Employer console and Assign Light Button are slow to load - Set "Rows per page" to 5 

Employer Console 2 (beta)

  • Status button - Toggles between Active and Paused - Please be patient. It may take a few seconds.
  • Language button - Toggles between English and Spanish - Please be patient. It may take a few seconds.
  • Reset Courses button - Please wait until you see the confirmation message before leaving the screen. It may take a few seconds.
  • Reset Password button - This now creates a new password and lets employers copy it. Accounts with real email addresses can use the lost password page.
  • Download Reports button - Does not always work. Please try again.

LDP-Training (mostly used by employees)

  • Reset Password button - Out of Order. Accounts with real email addresses can use the lost password page.

Site Updates

Manually Updated


Fixed bug regarding how activity names were stored in user progress. This issue was not visible to customers.



Attempt to fix bugs that resulted in lots of notifications in the logs when daily reports are sent and when users view employer console. Also added groundwork for a weekly report possibility.


Console2 update

The Reset Password button on Console 2 now generates a new password for employees that employers can copy and send to employees. This is to help in the situations where passwords are forgotten or the welcome email is slow. Using this button will change the password for the account and the welcome email will be out of date. Note: we've discovered that the reset password button on the ldp-training (employee side) is not working, so until that gets fixed, employees will not be able to easily change their password.


Email Issues

Email Anomalies: Emails stopped going out 4/27. We switched to a backup sending method 4/29. Normal operations have resumed on 4/30.

Welcome Email Issue: An update on 4/26 caused extra text in usernames and passwords. Fixed on 4/29. Please use only the characters in parentheses "( )".

Daily Reports: We are improving daily report email routines for better efficiency and to potentially resolve the long standing issue of reports not being sent in some cases.

Bug fixes: Worked on fixing behind-the-scenes bugs.


Added Site Revision Section

Added section to website to show site status and provide a record of site changes.


Removed "Assign Video Courses" button from some accounts

The Assign Video Courses button has been removed from some user accounts. This button was causing confusion for employers who thought that it was how they were supposed to assign the Light Duty Pathway pathway. The video courses were intended to be standalone videos for review of certain topics, not the main tasks assigned to employees. This was also going to be a paid upgrade or a perk for certain groups.

It was not necessarily intended to be included on those accounts and we had tried to remove access to the button on multiple occasions over the last couple of years. On 4/17/2024 we finally located the setting that enabled it.

If you are a customer who was relying on this feature, feel free to contact us. We can enable it on a case-by-case basis.