Light-Duty Work Examples.

Light Duty Pathway® understands the difficulty of deciding what to do with an injured employee

Are you fed up with trying to find productive modified and light-duty tasks for your injured employees? Light Duty Pathway® understands the difficulty of navigating the waters of injury to an associate. How can you cut out the stress and simplify the search for tasks that are worth your companies time? Providing modified duty work while maintaining communication of your employee’s progression, and maintaining thier ability to stay in the workplace is no easy task.


Try our simple to use software solution that fits all sorts of injuries and industries across the board. Increase production and establish greater levels of engagement and accountability that will benefit both employees and organizations alike.


Light Duty Pathway® makes it simple for you to sign up. Injured workers can begin their journey of rehabilitation in less than 5 minutes. We understand it’s difficult to find relevant modified work for managing your injured employees. That’s why safety training is our priority.


A lack of knowledge or implemetation surrounding safety is why your employee is where they are. Your associate will be far less likely to end up in this scenario again by prioritizing the importance of safety precautions. Combine that prioritization with an education that supports your principals and witness the difference in your company. 


Forget exceeding a maximum number of employees granted access to the Light Duty Pathway® program. We offer 3 different structured plans with either monthly or annual contracts. Not to mention a custom quote option for any company surpassing 25 employees utilizing our software. 


Keep it simple with a straightforward path for rehabilitation. LDP is your safety program for employees with work restrictions, who are unable to perform regular job duties.

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LDP's Proven Method For How To Handle Light Duty Workers.

Still curious about how exactly Light Duty Pathway® cultivates a productive atmosphere that makes the most of a difficult situation? Take a look at some of these light-duty work examples that benefit your workplace and team while cutting the cost of workers’ compensation.

Relieve the extra stress of attempting to increase productivity, effectively cut time loss, and help keep employees safe for the long term. Light Duty Pathway® will help bear the load with educational videos, quizzes that analyze understanding, and interactive activities. Partnering with Light Duty Pathway® allows you to focus on what really matters. We'll handle scaling the work available to those with medical restrictions while you maintain normal operations.

Online educational videos, quizzes, and interactive activities.

Here are the specific tasks Light Duty Pathway® assigns to your employees for light-duty work

Modified-Duty Tasks

Other modified duty tasks that can supplement with Light Duty Pathway®

Job site supervisor/reporter

Administrative office tasks 

Taking inventory 

Performing Machinery/Equipment Maintenance

Monitoring Surveillance Cameras  


Traditional Modified-Duty Tasks.


Help protect your team from unforeseen accidents in the workplace with relevant modified duty work. Supplementing with informative safety content also decreases the likelihood of an injured employee.


These jobs can be used jointly with Light Duty Pathway®. While they may sound practical, time and energy must be spent teaching your injured worker the basic functions of the job. Expect to forfeit hours of other personnel’s time dedicated to training your light-duty employee. 

Simple Process,

Game-Changing Results.

These remedial tasks can be necessary, however, they often feel inconvenient, irrelevant, and can interrupt the natural flow of a busy work environment. Pointless tasks can also be expensive and timely to acquire training and pay for a, possibly, unnecessary position.


Light Duty Pathway® simplifies your process by also giving you the potential for reimbursement.


In many states, an employer may be eligible for reimbursement by providing job modifications to help an employee return to work. This may include purchasing a computer, peripherals, an office chair, and even access to Light Duty Pathway® itself.

OSHA Compliant.

Proper and efficient training can be difficult for large organizations attempting to meet OSHA’s safety guidelines. Why not expand on your team's safety knowledge to avoid costly run-ins with OSHA? Mundane details including signage and proper labels are difference-makers for a satisfactory and successful safety inspection; not a stress-induced, and unnecessarily expensive endeavor initiated because of previous OSHA violations and fines.

Light Duty Pathway

Light Duty Pathway® is a difference-making factor between you and a safer work environment


This is your opportunity to help increase injured employee production, avoid OSHA violations, and cut wasted time. Partner Light Duty Pathway for an instant light-duty management solution today.

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