Why You Need A Return To Work Program

Imagine coming into work and not having to figure out what to do with an injured employee who is on restricted modified duty and can no longer do their normal job tasks. That's the power of a return to work program.


An effective return to work (RTW) program is your pathway to incorporating injured employees back into the workplace and not lose them to a cycle of staying home and extending the disability timeframe. Light Duty Pathway® retains personnel by providing short term modified tasks and safety training on-site for physically restricted workers. Our light duty solution benefits both the employer and the employee. 

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The advantages of an RTW program for employers:


The advantages of an RTW program for employees:

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Our Simple Solution.

Our simple solution.

Starting your pathway of placing your employee on modified work takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Starting your pathway of placing your employee on modified work takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Our platform provides online content for a light-duty job as well as safety training. The program can be used for both part-time and full-time modified work. We supply enough content for four full weeks of light-duty work. 


Our RTW program offers videos, quizzes, and online interaction to help. This online solution is great for when you lack transitional work or tasks for your injured employees. Light Duty Pathway® can be supplemented with any previous return to work program, or be used as a stand-alone for all your needs.

The pathway explained in 5 easy steps:

1. Start Your Pathway.

Sign your employee up for Light Duty Pathway®. This process is short and simple, taking less than 5 minutes to set up for anyone on modified work duty.

2. Dr.'s Orders.

If required, have your employee’s physician approve the modified work plan. T work plan/job description letter for your employees is provided as a part of the platform. 

3. Create Your Offer.

Compose your job offer using our template. This includes the position, tasks to be performed, and clearly identifies the physical demands of the job.

4. Welcome.

Your role in transitioning employees is finished! Injured workers can now begin their light-duty job through our comprehensive web platform. Keeping your employees engaged and productive while transitioning back into the workplace is as simple as a click of a button.

5. Track Progress.

Check-in on your employee’s light-duty work with daily reports. Using and understanding these reports is simple and automated.

Workers' Compensation Can Be Costly.

Business saving money on workers' compensation

The costs associated with disability due to work-related injuries can be immense! You can proactively manage those costs by implementing a return to work program. Supplying light-duty work helps reduce the costs associated with injuries, including increased disability and medical payments, litigation rates, and insurance premiums. 


(In states where applicable) L&I offers reimbursement to small businesses and large corporations that bring an employee back to work with light duty. Reimbursement is 50% of base wages paid to an injured worker on light-duty work. That implies more capital returned to your company for supplying modified work to injured employees! Learn more about how you can reduce workers' compensation with light-duty.

Supplying modified work that helps an injured employee feel valued for their contributions not only helps the morale of the worker but also cuts the cost of insurance and turnover.

Saving Time, Saving Money.

The bottom line is our return to work with restrictions letter program provides a solution for the prevention and rehabilitation of injured employees. Workplace injuries are not uncommon so getting your employees back on the job can be a strenuous endeavor. Light Duty Pathway® is the simplest plan for accommodating almost any physical restriction and keeping that employee at the workplace. Easy to use for both you and your injured workers, our straightforward path to recovery provides structured content relevant to safety and personal well being.

Take care of you and your employees by staying on the pathway.

Light Duty Pathway’s return to work program is here to help you keep your employees engaged even when conditions aren’t ideal.

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