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Reduce Workers' Compensation Light Duty Pathway®

Are you tired of losing valuable time for work and funding injured employees sent home due to disability? Minimize the costs of workers comp with light-duty.


Here at Light Duty Pathway®, we have your solution for helping to cut the costs of workers’ compensation. Integrating easy-to-use software designed to keep employees engaged and remain in the workplace. By supplementing your injured worker’s time with light-duty tasks, you can offer short term work; effectively slashing workers’ compensation costs by keeping the associate in workplace vs. at home (more on that later). 


Make the most of a difficult situation by bringing your injured employee back to work with a light-duty work program. Supporting a safety-first culture and your wallet.  Curious how this dynamic solution assists in maximizing your companies time and money? Find out more about the advantages our pathway establishes and why it is a needed part of your safety program.

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Why worry over workers' comp?

Unfortunately, injuries in the workplace are inevitable roadblocks that many organizations encounter. Unfortunately these instances range from minor injuries, such as a pulled muscle, to longer-term impairments like back injuries.

Why worry over workers' comp?

Unfortunately, injuries in the workplace are inevitable roadblocks that many organizations encounter. Ranging from minor injuries such as a pulled muscle to long term impairments like that of a broken bone.

Cut Workers' Compensation Costs With Light-Duty.

Having a pathway in place for handling injured employees is crucial to the operation of any company. There are direct and indirect costs associated with paying for an employee’s lost wages.


The expense of training a replacement employee, adjusting your company’s work schedule, and investigating the incident are high. These unwanted charges can add up so finding a solution to reduce workers comp by providing a light-duty job is critical to the success of your business. 


Put your cashflow towards the development of your company. Don’t get stuck paying workers’ comp costs for “unmotivated Mark” to sit at home watching television. 


How can you get on top of things by curbing workplace injuries and avoiding expensive workers compensation claims? Implementing our Light Duty Pathway® software is the effective pathway for reducing workers’ compensation. Follow the steps for integrating your employee back into the workplace and worry less about paying workers’ comp versus implementing light-duty tasks to accomodate the injured associate. With an effective solution for keeping employees in the workplace, you can stop paying for "unmotivated Mark" to rest at home.

Future-focused success.

Be future-focused for the safety of your employees. Light Duty Pathway® provides tasks for your injured employees. Allowing them to remain in the workplace and equipping them for safer working habits while maintaining productivity.

RTW Program And Safety Training.

Our pathway includes both a return to work program and stand-alone safety training topic videos. Use these in your safety training for managing current injuries and working to avoiding future trauma. Setting up a Safety Ambassador program is your first step on the pathway to reducing workers’ comp. 

The likelihood of an employee becoming injured while working is far less likely with increased knowledge. Properly informing your workers about the dangers of the job and prevents more incidents. With fewer workplace injuries, comes less focus on time and money handling disabling events to your employees, less need for training temporary replacement employees and higher retainment of long-term workers. 

Finding talented, hard-working, and motivated individuals is difficult at best. No one wants to lose an employee to a work injury, especially one that is vital to your operation. 

Safety and return to work programs help retain valued employees. Protecting them from potential hazards and reintegrating them back from personal injury. By supporting your culture of people and safety first you can attend tract and retain the best talent.

Never underestimate the power of workplace moral. Taking your employees’ safety seriously can change your culture forever. Your employees care about physical demands and medical restrictions, and so should you. Transforming and establishing your company culture starts with the top and trickles down, beginning with you.

24/7 Safety Resource.

Provide the leadership your employees need during times of worry from work restrictions thqt could result in lost income and revised job duties. Equipping your company with a safety resource on-call 24/7 is a vital step for supporting a people-first, safety always environment.


In today’s culture, most would assume injured workers prefer to rest at home rather than utilize light-duty work that is offered. This is not necessarily the case. Purpose, belonging and security are compelling forces for one’s well being and the right workplace offers some or all of these attributes. Your employees may not understand now, but you do and your communication reveals your desire for the best possible environment for the people working in your company.


Safety programs help eliminate the majority of potential cases. Return to work programs double down on safety training and offer an alternative to the typical leave of absence. Good thing for you, Light Duty Pathway® caters to both these needs while helping to reduce the cost of the workers’ compensation. 


Light duty work benefits both employers and employees by keeping everyone unified, in the workplace, and moving forward to accomplish the goals of the company.

Put your time and money to good use focused on building and growing the business. 


Light duty work benefits both employers and employees. Keeping everyone unified, in the workplace, and moving forward to accomplish the goals of the company.

Free Safety Training Topics