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LDP Billing Information Request

Welcome to Light Duty Pathway!As a new new billed monthly client we kindly ask you to let us know where to send the invoices.

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Course/Quiz Issues

How do I get back to the video? All I see are quiz questions. In the video + quiz activities, the video is on the first page of the quiz, so if you see the quiz questions, but have not watched (or finished watching) the video, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and

Employee Splash Page

Your use of this site is being monitored and your employer will receive a report of your activities. Su uso de este sitio está siendo monitoreado y su empleador recibirá un informe de sus actividades. Language Settings / Idioma de preferencia Change Password / Cambiar la Contraseña Select a Different Day / Seleccione un Día

coverflow test

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